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Great Fundraising:

Increase your income and unite your organization.

Philanthropy & Fundraising North America can help you to become a Great Fundraising organization –

one where everyone is focused and energized on fundraising to achieve long-term sustainable growth.

What is Great Fundraising and who is it for?

Great Fundraising is a philosophy of income growth based on sustainability, mission based communications and donor satisfaction.  Its foundations are in academic research and its superstructure grows with learnings from an increasingly successful client base.

It is hard to achieve, but it works.  

Our clients get financial results, achieve inspirational cultural change and increase their ability to deliver their mission. 

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The Great Fundraising Research

The academic studies behind Great Fundraising

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The Great Fundraising Masterclass

Deliver transformational growth for your organisation

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Great Fundraising Creative Sprints

Collaborative seminars to develop donor-centred communications

Upcoming Seminars

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“Working with the team at PFI was a pivotal moment in the development of our fundraising. The fundraising masterclass is exceptional – a practical blend of proven theory, and creative work in an emotional space, that gives you everything you need to super charge your fundraising”.

Together for Short Lives

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Start your journey on the Great Fundraising Masterclass


Massive and sustainable fundraising income growth is hard to achieve and we are here to help.

The Great Fundraising Masterclass is an outstanding opportunity to learn the culture, behaviors and approach to leadership your organization needs to achieve Great Fundraising. 

Former delegates have applied their learning and increased fundraising income for their organizations with dramatic results. And in some cases, by several hundred per cent.


The Great Fundraising Masterclass is an approach based on academic research that's tested in the real world. And it works for organizations around the world supporting a variety of causes. 

Run as a series of online interactive seminars over three days, the Masterclass uses a combination of real-time online training sessions, guest speakers, case studies and group work to provide the building blocks to transform your fundraising income and the focus on your organization's mission. 

Non-Profits: $750 

For-Profits: $1,799

Next Masterclass: July 17-19

What people say

"I recommend the Great Fundraising Masterclass as it provides the tools and framework--new language--for elevating and celebrating fundraising as the ultimate lever for transformational impact."  

Share Our Strength--No Kid Hungry

The Great Fundraising Masterclass exceeded my expectations. This course can elevate how you approach innovation in fundraising.

Smithsonian Institution

Inspirational. Motivating. Vision. Leadership. Builder. Vulnerable. Just a few of the words I would use to describe the PFNA Great Fundraising Masterclass I attended last week along with other leaders from the nonprofit and consultant sectors. Our facilitators, did a remarkable job of keeping us engaged and energized sharing fundraising strategies and tactics from around the world. Now....the climb continues.....

Transformational Growth => Sustainable Growth => Mission Driven Growth => Donor Centered Growth

Ducks Unlimited

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