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Alan Clayton



My speciality is an irritating but essential obsession with ‘the problem.’ My job is to hold the client back from ideas, creative and action until they have answered the question ‘What problem are you uniquely positioned to solve?’ 


Then, once they’ve answered it, I persist and irritate further by demanding that the answer be framed in the most focussed, simple, emotional and dramatic way.  I have to be like a dog with a bone on this, as it’s the starting point for everything.  Once we have that, creativity can soar and fundraising teams know exactly what to do.  It’s the absolute core of behavioural and design thinking and is too often overlooked or treated lightly.

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Alan on Great Fundraising:


My favourite part of Great Fundraising has to be leadership.  I love the sparkle in people’s eyes and the sheer energy of them when the big decisions have been made, focus is achieved and energy turns into fast paced action.  The sense of confidence, self-belief, determination and passion that spreads out across the organization is a buzz I can feel, even across continents and the Zoom divide.

Clients on Alan:

Who is more inspiring than Alan Clayton? During our seminar Alan opened up a whole new toolbox for our fundraising staff. Tools that are more powerful because he shows how you can grab the donor’s dream and enhance it. He motivates because he makes you realize how simple and absolutely do-able it can be to help the donor discover the joy of giving, once you get it right.

Leif Wien Jensen, Norges Blindeforbund


Simply put, Alan delivers the focus and energy that clients need to transform fundraising growth for their organizations. With 25 years as an international speaker, seminar leader, creative director and consultant in fundraising, Alan has a world-class reputation for fundraising transformation.


Having started his career in UK charities, he ran a London based agency for ten years before committing the next decade to developing a global program in ‘Great Fundraising Organizations.’ Alan has worked with over 350 clients in more than 30 countries.


Much of Alan’s work is based on the proven method of co-creation, where he provides developmental and creative seminars that help organizations build fundraising capacity. His specialisms are organisational alignment, creativity, board and executive team development, strategy, donor insight and inspiration.


Alan supports and invests in international suppliers to the fundraising sector and is chairman of The Inch Hotel, Loch Ness. 

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