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Dave Sturdy


Creative Director

Our seminars and workshops are designed to get people thinking creatively - and everyone can have great ideas. But most people don't have the experience or tools to craft their thinking down onto a page. I help clients to hone their headlines, structure their copy and visually realise their thoughts to have a greater impact on their donors.

Dave on Great Fundraising:

My role is to collect, mould and refine the outcome of the workshop - to put the thinking on the page. So it is always a tense moment for me when that work is presented back to the group on the final morning. And that’s my favourite part - seeing everyone get excited. There’s often tears, laughs and sometimes relief - but most of all it’s seeing everyone united and motivated around a goal. It’s a new beginning for the organization and they can’t wait to get started.

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Dave is Creative Director at Philanthropy and Fundraising International and works hands-on with clients to develop winning creative concepts. Before joining, Dave worked as a Creative Director for dozens of large and small charities, NGOs and non-profits. Now, he leads our global creative team and oversees our worldwide creative output.


Based in the UK, Dave’s unique skill is his ability to sit with clients to develop exciting and creative fundraising concepts. And ones that cut through internal disagreements, opinions and sets of amends to get clients the right results.


By helping organizations overcome internal obstacles and challenges, Dave enables clients to focus their communications on the needs of donors. And this results in a co-creative process of devising powerful communications that make a transformational difference on fundraising.


Dave and his team also support with flawless campaign execution across all channels.

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