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Kyla Shawyer


CEO and Co-Founder

Kyla Shawyer is Chief Executive of Philanthropy and Fundraising North America and a leader in the global non-profit sector. Before she led PFNA, Kyla led both the Resource Alliance and IFC (International Fundraising Congress) as their respective CEO.


Before this, Kyla served as COO / SVP Global Fundraising & Marketing at a leading INGO, Operation Smile, where she led programmes and resource mobilization. She also created the organization’s first globally-integrated fundraising, marketing and communications strategy.


By inspiring new ways of sharing, collaboration and harnessing collective power, Kyla’s 14-year track record enables her to work with teams to break down silos, better connect with their core values and unleash powerful ideas, innovation and potential. Her extensive knowledge and work within the social impact sector enables Kyla to drive purpose-driven, transformational culture change projects based on Great Fundraising that unify and ignite positive change for clients.

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