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Børns Vilkår: Uniting the money and the mission

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When Chief Executive of Børns Vilkår, Rasmus Kjeldahl, attended the Great Fundraising Masterclass, he was unsure whether Great Fundraising would work for them.

Five years of growth

Since then the Danish non-profit has grown its income by almost 300% over five years and aligned 'money' more closely with 'mission' to create a culture of whole organization fundraising.

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If they were to have the money needed to help more families and children affected by childhood abuse, neglect and bullying the leadership team at Børns Vilkår recognised that they had to radically change their approach to fundraising.  


And there were numerous hurdles to overcome.


The problem they had to solve:

  • Danish people saw them as as a council-run service, and that their funding was coming from government.

  • No focus on investment in fundraising.

  • Apprehension and lack of understanding of what being a fundraising organization would mean.

  • Need for internal backing for fundraising from leadership and other departments.

  • About to launch a brand position that would not work for fundraising.

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To address these issues Børns Vilkår appointed Philanthropy & Fundraising to develop a New Ambition and for a series of creative sprints.

Our New Ambition is clear ‘Sammen stopper vi svigt – Together we will stop neglect’

With PFI’s help we were able to focus on what problems were trying to solve, both how we were perceived by society and who we are and why we are here. We now have 100 percent backing from all departments internally. Fundraising professionals are respected and considered as valuable as other professionals in the organization.

Lisbet Christoffersen, Director of Fundraising and Marketing.

Through the Great Fundraising process and series of seminars:

  • Børns Vilkår devised powerful messaging to articulate their mission, and specifically the problem they want to solve.

  • Leadership came to understand how they could get the whole organization behind fundraising and see it as a skilled profession.

  • Non-fundraiser staff are fundraising ambassadors .

  • And most importantly the charity rose its level of ambition:

We’re opening a new fundraising chapter not tried before in Denmark and this will hopefully inspire others and benefit other good causes. We are looking forward to engaging the Danish public in our fight to stop cruelty to children. We have entered this process with confidence and a strong belief that we will succeed.

Rasmus Kjeldahl, Chief Executive

Børns Vilkår started their journey to Great Fundraising by attending our Masterclass. Find out how you can sign-up.

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