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The Behaviours of The Great Fundraising CEO

Enabling and leading fundraising growth


Running a charity comes with many pressures. Directing new services, managing board members, and ensuring your team deliver on their objectives are only the start of it. To achieve the objects of their mission and make the difference, CEOs must be driving transformation in fundraising while overseeing massive organizational growth.

During an hour-long online seminar you will discover the behaviors of Great Fundraising leaders which lead to their organization sustainably increasing its fundraising income.

All Chief Executives, General Secretaries and Board members are welcome.

Third sector Chief Executives are under increased scrutiny and pressure to deliver, not only by internal stakeholders but by the donors and supporters they need to engage with to achieve the mission.


Our virtual CEO Sessions provide the opportunity for Chief Executives to discover how they can use Great Fundraising to support them on the journey of organizational change. By unblocking issues relating to internal culture and the need for increased investment, Great Fundraising can give you the tools you need for that change in income growth you need.

This webinar is your opportunity to find out how Great Fundraising can inspire transformational leadership and aid you in overcoming the challenges that hold you back.

After joining The Behaviours of The Great Fundraising CEO, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the skills you need to lead a Great Fundraising organization.

  • Better overcome internal obstacles and improve your culture.

  • Gain clarity on the focus and simplicity CEOs need to apply to achieve remarkable fundraising growth.

  • Unlock the investment your organization needs to deliver Great Fundraising.

Who should attend?

Chief Executives and Presidents of charities and non-profits, working for a wide range of causes. Ambitious Board Members are also welcome.

What’s the approach?

Our Great Fundraising CEO session is free and led by our senior seminar team. Delivered over an hour, you will experience a top-level seminar followed by discussion with other non-profit leaders.

Where is it?

Online on Zoom, which means you won’t need to leave the comfort of your armchair. All we ask is that you come ready to learn and engage.

The Behaviour of The Great Fundraising CEO is free, but places are strictly limited.

To reserve your place, book now. 

If you have any questions and queries, please contact

As a chief executive who focuses on the governance of the organization you are removed from your donors and less inspired. [Philanthropy & Fundraising] gave me an injection of motivation, bringing me closer to the donors and setting me on another surge of inspiration.

Sheffield Hospital Charity

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