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Tina Hudgins


My speciality is helping organizations see themselves through the eyes of their donors, whether in storytelling or in internal systems.  Really doing this can be very uncomfortable, but once you make your donors as important as your service users/beneficiaries you create a dynamic cultural shift.  Doing this leads to sustainable fundraising, higher retention, and rising lifetime value.   

Tina on Great Fundraising:


'Walking with organizations through all the facets of Great Fundraising is inspiring, however I’m particularly passionate aboutmeeting the needs of the donor.  It is satisfying to see the moment when individuals realize that donors are not commodities or ATMs.  That the donor must be known, understood, and valued.  As nonprofits we need to honor our donors and create meaningful experiences and journeys for them.  It is delightful when organizations realize that it is actually all about the donor and the service users/beneficiaries rather than the organization themselves.'

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Clients on Tina:

Wisdom and expertise are a general expectation of professional advisors. It is quite another thing to help others discover their own areas of expertise and wisdom. Time and again, Tina has helped our team discover and exploit their areas of strength. The individual confidence and team culture that have resulted have been the secret ingredients in launching our organization into an era of great fundraising growth. Tina has played an important role in helping our team discover their X factor.

Lutheran World Relief


Tina Hudgins is a Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer for Philanthropy & Fundraising North America. With more than 20 years of experience in the sector, Tina’s experience is as a Fundraising Director leading successful multi-channel campaigns in marketing and development.


Tina’s particular expertise lies in helping organizations to drive massive growth. In her previous role as the Senior Director of Fundraising at International Justice Mission (IJM), she grew the supporter sustainer programme by more than 250% in four years. At the same time, she increased mid-value and mass giving programmes by more than 200%.


Tina is skilled in diverse development methods and techniques – be it direct marketing, mid-value and major giving, capital campaigns, events, social media, or digital – and supports teams in a range of ways to drive their fundraising growth.


Tina is passionate about creating high-quality individual giving and sustainer programmes, and developing supporter experiences. By seeking to create those ‘WOW’ moments, Tina is committed to helping clients to achieve these moments too.

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