Soraya Khan



My ambition when working with clients is to help them crystalise and communicate creative concepts that they would not even have dreamed about before working with PF.

Listening to clients’ individual stories about their one-on-one interactions with beneficiaries brings us all back to why they do what they do - and gives me a clear insight into the right kind of emotional messaging our clients want (and need) to get out there to set their fundraising alight.

It’s an absolute privilege to help bring our clients’ stories to life - for them and their supporters.

I have the best job in the world.


But it isn’t enough for me that our clients feel inspired and reconnected to their cause: I want them to walk away with something tangible which they can actually use – whether that be to inspire supporters, unite their organization or present to the Board to secure future investment.

Soraya on Great Fundraising:

The role of the creative team at PFI is really to hold a mirror up to each client and reflect back to them the sentiments they have expressed during the course of their workshop. I absolutely adore hearing all the stories from our clients about what motivates them to do what they do. But for me, the magic really happens when we present back to the client on the last day: There are sometimes tears, at other times a stunned silence followed by whoops of delight… Whatever the result, so long as the responses continue to be emotional, we know we’re doing our job!



Soraya is our in-house copywriter. As part of the creative team, she has a hands-on role with clients, helping to create engaging copy during our workshops.

Behind the scenes, Soraya interviews PF clients from across the globe, helping to collate their learning so we can constantly refine and develop our PF offering.

Soraya started her working life as a professional violinist. She subsequently spent many years as a commercial lawyer working with large multinationals across the world, before joining up her creativity and talent for cut-throat precision as a copywriter for PFI.