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Aberlour Children’s Charity: An organisation behind fundraising


By engaging the whole organization and focusing on the needs of donors, Aberlour was able to raise half their annual income from a single campaign – meeting the high expectations for income growth – and continued to achieve substantial income growth.

When Pippa Johnston joined Scottish children’s charity Aberlour as Director of Fundraising and Marketing in 2016, she discovered a Board with high expectations of income growth and little experience of fundraising. The charity's fundraising performance had stalled for quite some time and Pippa felt that her team alone could not bear the responsibility of turning this around.

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Getting senior-level buy-in

Ambitious to achieve results, Pippa knew her challenge lay in broadening the Board's perspective and specifically, the need for the whole organisation (led from the top) to get behind fundraising for it to flourish.


To do this Pippa enlisted the support of PFI and brought her CEO to the Great Fundraising Masterclass. It was at this point that the leadership team began to recognise the need to change their entire approach to fundraising. Yet it took another year for Pippa to convince the organization of the need to attend a New Ambition seminar which would cement the belief that fundraising requires the whole organization to succeed.

A new culture of fundraising

By engaging the entire organisation with Great Fundraising, Aberlour was able to make a much-needed shift in their organization's culture. Centre-stage in this shift was the increasing understanding, respect and trust in the contribution that the fundraising and marketing team brought to the organization as a whole.

The impact of working with PFI saw a significant change in Aberlour's approach to fundraising and a better focus on addressing the needs of donors. And with a much better donor experience and the support of the entire organization, Aberlour raised £885,500, half their annual donations income, from a single COVID-19 appeal and continued to achieve substantial income growth by increasing the performance of their Christmas appeal by 422% year-on-year.

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Great Fundraising could help you overhaul your fundraising performance too.

Clients of the Great Fundraising Masterclass gain clarity on how to unite their organization behind fundraising income growth. If you're struggling to gain buy-in from senior teams, join us for the next Great Fundraising Masterclass and bring your senior team with you!   

Our experience at the Great Fundraising Masterclass has proved to be a game changer for Aberlour. It enabled key people outside fundraising to understand what we needed to do, and why that was so important. Focusing on a New Ambition united everyone around one goal and the creative articulation was truly inspiring.

Pippa Johnson, Director of Fundraising and Marketing, Aberlour (UK)